The Gateway Environmental, Safety, and Quality Assurance Management Systems are integral to operating excellence and customer satisfaction.

Gateway is committed to the prevention of pollution through environmentally sound practices.

The Gateway operating philosophy emphasizes protecting the environment by managing operations for continual improvement, through quality equipment, maintenance, operations, and human resources.

Gateway will continue recognizing and exercising its responsibility to minimize environmental risks through our Environmental Protection Program.

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Gateway's Environmental Protection Program

The following Gateway operating principles reinforce the Company’s commitment to environmental protection and shall be applied in operations and all future plans:

  • Operate and maintain our vessels and facilities in a manner that protects the environment as well as the safety and health of our employees and the public.
  • Comply with applicable legal and other requirements with respect to the environment
  • Strive to meet or exceed our environmental objectives and targets
  • Continue to work toward pollution-free marine transportation by providing employee environmental protection education and training, including oil spill prevention, emergency response, and an understanding of environmental sensitivities.
  • Hold all employees accountable for safety and protection of the environment
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Gateway Terminal places the highest priority on individual safety, environmental protection and customer satisfaction

Gateway shall conduct its business in a manner to protect people from injury or damage to their health, equipment, and facilities from loss of value or function. Safety and health will be given the highest priority when making decisions. Employees shall be provided training in procedures to do their job safely.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority and we realize this can only be accomplished by conducting our business with the safety of personnel and a high regard to the protection of the environment as guiding principles.

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